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Nowadays, Señorío de Rubiós make different kinds of wine: white, red, rosé and sparkling ones. All of them reflect the essence of these lands and the result of our philosophy.



  • Señorío de Rubiós Albariño: 100% albariño, this wine is elaborated with grapes selected from our best vineyards. It presents a yellow colour with greenish flashes, clean and bright. It has high intensity, good fragrance, floral and fruity. On mouth it is a strong, clean, silky and glyceride wine, with a very well-integrated acidity. It has a good structure and greasiness.
  • Señorío de Rubiós Albariño eco: the first organic wine in our winery, albariño 100%. It is vinified with grapes from plots in As Neves and Salceda de Caselas municipalities. In this kind of wines, more than ever, the role of the winegrower is essential. This albariño offers a high intensity with fruit and citric notes.
  • Señorío de Rubiós White Condado: this wine represents the traditional vinification in our subarea and comes after processing the best white grapes (treixadura, albariño, white loureira, godello and torrontés) from our plots. On nose  it has medium to high intensity, very fruity, fresh and clean, highlighting the hints of green apple. On mouth it is very complex due to the mixture of varieties.



  • Señorío de Rubiós Red Condado: this wine represents the traditional vinification in our subarea, the combination of six indigenous varieties (sousón, caíño, mencía, pedral, espadeiro and brancellao). It has a medium to high intensity as a result of the varieties blend with a clear persistence of wild fruits.
  • Señorío de Rubiós Red Condado Selection: this wine is the result of a great vintage (2018) for the vinification of red wines in our winery. That summer was hotter and drier than usual and, as result, the six varieties composing this coupage had an extraordinary ripening. It has a high intensity and strong hints of ripe fruit.
  • Señorío de Rubiós Sousón: exclusively vinified with the variety sousón. It is an expressive but soft wine, with a well-integrated fresh acidity.
  • Señorío de Rubiós Mencía: this 100 % mencía has high intensity where red fruits prevail. It offers a medium-low acidity, good structure, oiliness and persistence.
  • Nande Rosado: as a result of our interest in innovating from the tradition, we have vinified this rosé with mencía grapes. We easily find fruity or floral notes. It is a fresh wine with a well-integrated acidity.



  • Espumoso Señorío de Rubiós White Condado Brut: it comes of the classical method of preparation with a period of fermentation in bottle of 9 months. The base wine is white Condado one (treixadura, albariño, white loureira, godello and torrontés). It is intense and complex, with structure. It has hints of yellow stone fruit as well as some laurel or tangerine.
  • Espumoso Señorío de Rubiós White Condado Brut Nature: as the Brut one, it is vinified with the classical method of preparation. The base wine is also white Condado. It has touches of fresh fruit and junk. Its bubble is abundant and thin.
  • Espumoso Nande Rosado Brut: exclusively vinified with the base of Mencía wine. It offers a fine and persistent bubble. It is fruity with hints of fresh yeast and bakery.



This is a collection born from the idea of working with traditional varieties, recovering those indigenous grapes that, until that moment, had been used only at home.

It is a very limited edition, only a few bottles of each variety, since the amount of these grapes is a minority.

Besides that, Manuel d’Amaro is a brand used to honour all the growers of our region, here represented by Manuel d’Amaro, one of the founding members of the winery. Why Manuel? Because he lived vinification with passion and he was strong advocate of red wines in Rías Baixas.

This is our most personal collection and through it we would like to thank and point out the value of our growers and their work. Without them, their determination, effort and dedication to these varieties, we could not make these special wines.

  • Manuel D´Amaro Pedral (pedral 100 %)
  • Manuel D´Amaro Sousón (sousón 100 %)
  • Manuel d´Amaro Caíño (red caíño 100 %)
  • Manuel d´Amaro Espadeiro (espadeiro 100 %)
  • Manuel d´Amaro Brancellao (brancellao 100 %)
  • Manuel d´Amaro Albariño (albariño 100 %)
  • Manuel d´Amaro Albariño on lees (albariño 100 % on lees)
  • Manuel d’Amaro Loureira (loureira 100 %)
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