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As Neves is a small council located in Condado region and most of its lands are bathed by Miño River or crossed by Termes or Xuliana ones, two tributaries. All of them give charm to the different areas, make them bloom and give life to their vines. Vineyards also grow thanks to the Sun, that caresses their fields and vegetable gardens from very early in the morning.  

In the south-east of Pontevedra, As Neves has around 4000 residents, spread over its 13 parroquias (districts). In each one, the visitor will find a secret waiting to be revealed.

Our council is rich in landscape treasures. Rivers, valleys and forests compose a relaxing destination to get lost in for a few days just looking for the relief everyone needs nowadays. We can mention, for example, Miño’s banks and their incomparable beauty and the mountainous area, where we can enjoy nature in its purest state.



If you are coming to As Neves, you must not forget to visit its town centre or San Nomedio mount, where you will enjoy an amazing view of Tea and Miño valleys. The recreational area of Santa Mariña is also worth visiting and, once there, O Camiño dos Pescadores (The Fishermen’s Path) appears as the best option to go for a walk by the river. Other cultural attractions are Saint Marta romería (a religious festivity) or the sculptures in Redondelo where art and nature merge. Actually, in any of the 13 parroquias in As Neves you will be caught by their charm and the historical-artistic legacy. Petroglyphs, castros (fortified settlements), Roman bridges, pesqueiras (walls built into the river to catch the lampreas)… and many religious monuments and edifications.

If As Neves is gorgeous for its natural charm, to this should be added the local gastronomy. Several options that will leave you speechless. We could highlight the lamprea (a fish existing from the Roman period), game meats and, of course, the Requeixo (a type of fresh cheese) and the Mel (honey), both of them having a proper festa (celebration) on Good Friday. Naturally, all these delicacies are always washed down with the best white wines (Albariño and Condado) and the red ones from Rubiós.

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